01 April 2015


A Character Class for DCC

Vagabonds and scoundrels, opportunists, thrill-seekers... They live by no code, driven by no higher-power, save that of the rumble of their stomach and the gleam of gold in their eye. Woe to any in their path, for they are as likely to share a begrimed bottle of drink with you as they are to cut you down just to see what might be had from your pockets. Slippery and dangerous they are -- never known for speaking the truth -- and devilishly clever at getting what they want...

HIT POINTS - A Murder Hobo uses a d8 for their hit points at each Level. At 1st Level (and only at 1st Level) they can permanently reduce their Stamina by a single point to gain 8 hit points.

ARMOR AND WEAPONS - The Murder Hobo is considered trained in 5 randomly determined weapons, as well as their Zero-Level weapon. They can wear any type of armor, but any perfectly good armor they wear will degrade through neglect over the following 1d14 days until it's AC bonus is 1 below it's normal value. This reduction in effectiveness does not apply to shields. They can wear salvaged or damaged "piecemeal" armor, even if it is useless to others, with a value of one below it's normal AC value.

INFILTRATE - The Murder Hobo can always blend into crowds, able to ape the postures and attitudes of the folks around them. This should always succeed for at least 1d12 rounds, using larger dice of the Dice Chain if they have costuming or other factors that would help them blend in. If the Judge feels a check is necessary in unusual situations, the Murder Hobo should roll under their Personality with the roll modified by their Luck. If they do not have the appropriate attire and accoutrements, they move up the Dice Chain when making a roll to blend in.

WEAVE AND DODGE - With a simple Agility check, the Murder Hobo can avoid any perceived object hurled in their direction, be it a thrown dagger, a giant's boulder, a spear-chucking trap, or otherwise. Subsequent hurled objects within the same round incur a cumulative 2-point penalty.

PROWL - A Murder Hobo can Sneak Silently as a Chaotic Thief of one Level lower.

HIGH-TAIL IT - The Murder Hobo should always be able to avoid pursuit, if such pursuit is potentially avoidable, by rolling under their Luck. Making such a roll by 0 or just a few points means the escape takes a considerable amount of time (and may cost the Murder Hobo other resources at the Judge's discretion) and making the roll by larger margins means a shorter amount of time to shake off the pursuit.

If the Judge would like to run a more detailed chase, involving multiple Strength, Stamina and/or Agility rolls for jumping from one rooftop to the next, cutting corners better than one's pursuers, maintaining speed while leaping over debris, etc., the Murder Hobo is always allowed to salvage any failure along the way by rolling under their Luck on a d20 to turn a failure into success.

AMBUSH - The Murder Hobo can make a Backstab attack, just as does a Thief of the same Alignment, but only on their first action of a fight, and only if the target is surprised or bested in the Initiative order. If events within a fight prompt a new roll for Initiative from all participants, they re-gain this opportunity. [This does not stack with Fools Rush In.]

FOOLS RUSH IN - The Murder Hobo can make a special charge attack, but only as their first attack in any combat situation. They may move up to twice their normal movement speed at no extra cost, and may only use their Action Dice for attacks. If the attack(s) are successful, they deal double damage, or the Murder Hobo can choose to do normal damage, but the target(s) are knocked prone. This ability applies to ranged attacks as well. [This ability does not stack with Ambush.]

EXTREME COMBAT - When making any attack, an extra d6 "Hobo Die" is rolled. All results of an even number add to the total of the attack roll and add to the damage done if the attack is successful. All results of an odd number subtract from the total of the attack roll. Additionally, the number generated influences the "natural" number of the main attack die. For example, if the Action Die came up as an 18, and the Hobo Die came up as a 2, that would count as a natural 20 and would be a critical hit. If the Action Die came up as a 6, and the Hobo Die came up as a 5, that would count as a natural 1, and would be a fumble. All negative numbers generated also count as fumbles.

HOBO STOMACH - The Murder Hobo can go for 1/2 their Level in days longer without food, water and rest than normal, without any ill effects. So a 1st Level character can get an extra 12 hours in their activity cycle, while an 8th Level character can get an extra 4 days of activity. At the end of this period, they fall near-unnaturally asleep for 8 hours +2 hours per extra day of activity, e.g., 9 hours for the 1st Level character, and 16 hours for the 8th Level character.

Lvl    Atk    Action Die    Fort    Ref    Will    Crit          Title
1      +0     1d24          +0      +1     +0      1d6 / III    
Dead-End Kid
2      +0     1d24          +1      +1     +0      1d8 / III     Tramp
3      +1     1d24          +1      +2     +1      1d8 / III    
4      +2     1d24          +1      +2     +1      1d10 / III    Road Knight
5      +2     1d24          +2      +3     +1      1d10 / III    North King
6      +3     1d24          +2      +4     +2      1d12 / III
7      +4     1d24          +2      +4     +2      1d12 / III
8      +4     1d24+1d14     +3      +5     +2      1d14 / III
9      +5     1d24+1d16     +3      +6     +3      1d14 / III
10     +6     1d24+1d20     +4      +6     +3      1d16 / III