16 February 2018


Init +4
Melee Atk
 • gore +2 (1d7)
 • claw +5 (1d4)
 • bite +4 (1d3)
 • standard weapon +2 (+1-2d if sized correctly)
AC 14
HD 4d6+2 (18 hp)
MV 40, fly 80 (wings)
Act 1d20
SP infravision, heat breath (10' by 140'; DC 14; current hp* or half with Save; 2/day), spellcasting, half-damage from non-magical and non-blessed weapons, half-damage from fire, vampiric
Fort +5
Ref +5
Will +5
Crit Table: DN/1d12

More than a beast, but less than a god, the Dracodemon wanders the world seeking the only sustenance it can survive on: blood. In it's long lifetime, the Dracodemon has more than once served a powerful lord or regent as a vizier or protector.

The Dracodemon has a large, humanoid body, and its limbs are completely metallic. It is always covered in vermin, such as rats, voles, etc. These creatures are of an ordinary sort, living upon the body of the Dracodemon. New such creatures can occasionally be seen scurrying to the Dracodemon and climbing onto its body and nesting in the folds of its clothes.

With a successful claw attack, the Dracodemon can grab its victim (DC 14 Str check to escape). The Dracodemon can then either do 1d3 damage freely per round to the target or fly with them in its grip and drop them from whatever height the Dracodemon can attain. It can choose to let go at any time.

Once per hour, the Dracodemon can read the surface thoughts of any target in its line of sight.

In a vampiric way, the Dracodeomn recovers 2 hp for every HD of a victim once their blood is consumed. It can only recover hit points in this way, or by very powerful Chaotic magic.

The following spells take an Action Die to employ, but are rolled as indicated. They have a range of 30' unless otherwise noted.

Banish — roll 1d30: 1-7 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 8+ target must make a Will Save DC 15 to get within 60' of the Dracodemon; — 23+ up to 5 targets must make a WIll Save DC 19 to get within 1/2 mile of the Dracodemon

Chill Touch — roll 1d30: 1-5 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 6+ +2 to melee, +1d6 damage; — 21+ for 1 hour, +4 to melee, +2d6 damage, +1d4 Str Drain

Darkness — roll 1d30: 1-10 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 11+ 20' globe of darkness persists for 1 Turn where placed; — 21+ up to 50 cubic ft enshrouded in darkness for up to 24 hours

Enhanced Companion — roll 1d30: 1-7 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 8+ one resident vermin becomes an uber-vermin (+3 bite, 1d3 damage, 3d3 hp, 13 AC, etc.) which loyally serves the Dracodemon; —  23+ transforms 2d7 vermin into uber-vermin which loyally serve the Dracodemon

Mortal Runic Alphabet — roll 1d30: 1-5 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 6+ if designated object is disturbed, the Dracodemon knows; — 21+ designated creature forgets meeting the Dracodemon

Scare — roll 1d30: 1-9 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 10+ target makes a Will Save DC 14 or flees the area for 1d4 rounds; — 25+ all creatures within 60' make a Will Save DC 17 or flee the area for 1d10 rounds

Slow — roll 1d30: 1-9 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 10+ one target loses it's next Action Die and is dropped to half it's normal speed for 1 Turn; — 25+ as above, but up to 5 targets are affected

Ventriloquism — roll 1d30: 1-5 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 6+ project a phrase within line of sight, own voice or impersonation; — 21+ establish an illusory sound or voice, which persists for up to 1 day

Wood Wyrding — roll 1d30: 1-7 fail & lose spell for 24 hrs; — 8+ up to 4 wooden objects of man-size or smaller [or equivalent] to twist, warp or break; — 23+ large quantities of wood can be molded and shaped and make to act as living creatures

At the Judge's discretion, the Dracodemon may Spellburn hit points to boost spellcasting.

* As per Ye Olde Schoole Waye, the damage done by the Dracodemon's breath weapon is its current hit point total.