12 June 2017


Init +0
Melee Atk • bite +4 (1d10)
 • tail slap +3 (1d6, only in water)
 • wing-rasp +2 (1d8)
AC 16HD 4d7+4
MV fly 30, swim 45
Act 2d20
SP drag down
Fort +6
Ref +3
Will +1

The owlshark can be sighted from coastlines or at sea, distinguished by its dorsal fin and it's wing tips breaking the water's surface.

It will attack small watercraft as well as individuals or small groups of people on beaches.

If its bite attack exceeds the target's AC by 5 or more, it has gotten enough of a bite to maintain a grip on the individual (Str 18) and will attempt to dive back into the ocean to devour them, thrashing them for additional bite damage each round when under water (no need to roll to hit).



Move: 120 feet/turn flying; 180 feet swimming
Hit Dice: 4 +1
Armor Class: 5
Treasure Type: nil (see notes)
Alignment: neutral
Attacks: 2
Damage: 2-12 bite, 1-6 for the others 

Reference the above for the monster's behavior. While it has no treasure of its own, if it has been actively preying upon humanoids in an area, there may be much those folks had upon them which may now be scattered along the beach, just off shore...

07 February 2017


Init -2
Melee Atk
 • move over +5 (1d24)
Ranged Atk
 • Kirby beam +5 (1d16, 80' line, 20' wide)
AC 12
HD 8d12+8
MV 70
Act 2d20 + 1d16
SP slow healing
Fort +11
Ref +3
Will +7

While two have never been seen together, their sightings and the stories about them suggest there is more than one Macro-Metallic Amoeba. It is broadly accepted that they are compiled of lesser dws from the life-vats of the deceased(?) sorceress Vala.

They appear as a gigantic mass of mercury with a volume in the region of 80,000 gallons and a resting circumference of approximately 86 feet. They move by extending numerous pseudo-pods, creating an undulating effect. They can deliberately move over objects and creatures to damage them, pounding them with these pseudopods, but their general movement is not as damaging as that.

They can extend up to six pseudo-pods at a time, with which to grab, shove, block, etc. They are not mindless, but whatever "animal" impulses (beyond survival) or reasoned goals they may possibly have are completely unknown.

The beam they emit as a ranged attack damages living matter less than inert materials, which suffers 3x damage per blast, when relevant. Living things are knocked prone by the blast, unless they make a successful Reflex Save vs. DC 15.

The Macro-Metallic Amoebas are slow to heal, regaining only 1d4 hp per week.

Produced using Monster Extractor III: Giants & Giant Creatures

31 January 2017


Init +0
Ranged Atk
 • roar +12 (1d30, special)
 • breath weapon (1d24 snakes)
AC 27
HD 18d30+18
MV 70
Act 5d20
SP breath weapon, 1 spell, mighty leap
Fort +28
Ref +2
Will +3

The Giant Stone Thing is a terror of arid wilderness regions. It is not known to hunt prey, or do anything a normal creature would do to survive — the dominant theory is that it is controlled by some high wizard for purposes known only to whomever that may be... or that whoever controlled the 120-foot creature is long-since dead, and yet the Thing remains, acting in an unpredictable fashion.

It can leap up to 9 miles at a time (using all of it's movement and Action Dice to initiate the leap).

It can give up 1d6 of it's Action Dice to create an effect like that of the spell Snake Trick, casting with a d24 at +11.

The Giant Stone Thing roars with the sound of two gargantuan blocks of stone grating against each other. So powerful is the sound that it harms everything within range. Out to 20', it does 1d30 points of damage. Out to 40', it does 1d24 points of damage. Out to 60', it does 1d20, and out to 80' it does 1d16. Finally, out to 100', it does 1d12 damage. Each subsequent result cannot exceed the previous die roll.

It can breathe out a torrent of snakes, as a breath weapon. Up to 1d24 1 HD snakes are generated each time, and they can bite at a +1 on the attack, for 1-6 points of damage. The burst of snakes covers from zero to 40' out from the Giant Stone Thing's mouth. Have everyone in range roll vs. their Luck, and for every point they are above their Luck score, they are attacked by that many snakes. No one has discovered if there is a limit to the number of times it can do this, or not...

Produced using Monster Extractor III: Giants & Giant Creatures

19 January 2017


Init +3
Ranged Atk
 • move by +20 (1d30+1d24)
 • bone spear +11 (1d30, 170')
AC 14
HD 24d24+16
MV 60
Act 3d20
SP teleportation
Fort +20
Ref +1
Will +20

Worshiped by a distant tribe or village, The Shapeless God has adopted these peoples for as-yet unknown purposes, and defends them fiercely.

With a diameter of over 50 feet, it hovers above the town, city, or village its wards occupy. When needed, it moves by teleportation, creating a swath of flashing lights in its path. When it wills it, these lights cause severe damage (as indicated above) which is distributed among all creatures and objects in its path of travel (roll the dice and divvy up the damage generated; don't roll the dice for each target. Though it could direct most of the damage to a single, large threat, it can't send all of it to one target).

Its teleport power also allows The Shapeless God to hover in mid-air, since it does not have solid appendages for standing. It has no need to breathe, so it is also comfortable in water of any type.

The Shapeless God can also generate bone-like calcified spear-like objects, which it can shoot from its tendrils with deadly accuracy.

Created with Monster Extractor III: Giants & Giant Creatures