02 October 2017


Init +0
Melee Atk
 • touch +3 (paralysis)
AC 12
HD 5d8+3 (26 hp)
MV 25
Act 1d20
SP paralysis, no mind
Fort +3
Ref +0
Will n/a

This translucent, giant, platonic shape slowly roams whatever level surface it can access, absorbing everything it can into it's squidgy, gelatinous mass. Any living thing that touches the mass, either on it's own or by having the mass move into it, is paralyzed unless it can make a DC 12 Fort Save. If successful, this Save needs to be re-made for each round of contact or each repeated contact. Regardless of making the Save or not, the creature will pull things into itself with a Strength of 14.

When threatened it has a number of tricks the Hexahedron can perform:

• It can "flop" open, wholly or partially, as if unfolding into multiple square-based pyramids, thus attacking assailants on multiple sides or even on a ceiling or high on a wall (the top of the Hexahedron flipping up). Making such an attack, make one attack roll with an extra bonus that starts at +5, but compare it to each AC individually. The bonus drops by 2 for each repeated use of this trick against the same targets (i.e., +5, +3, +1, no further bonus). Each time it does this, it cannot perform this trick nor any other for 1d3 rounds.

• It can "melt" with blink-of-an-eye speed into a vast "sheet" of jelly, remaining coherent, sliding under the feet of all around, reforming where it chooses (DC 18 Reflex to avoid) or moving at a speed of 60 for one round to any point it can reach, even up walls and other contiguous surfaces, where it re-forms. Once it has done this, it cannot perform this trick nor any other for 1d12 rounds.

• It can suddenly suck in a large bubble of air, distorting it's shape, and float up and away at a speed of 15. While doing so, there is clearly a chemical reaction going on inside the bubble inside the (bloated) Hexahedron. Any creature that was inside the Hexahedron is now being burned for 1d4 damage per round, along with possible suffocation (unless they are within the air bubble!). This trick can be sustained for 1d8+1 rounds, after which it cannot perform this trick nor any other for a like amount of time.

• It can rapidly split, surge forward, and re-close, thereby enveloping a target to a much deeper, much-harder-to-retrieve depth within itself. The paralysis save in this case is a DC 16, and the Strength is considered to be at 16 at this depth.

•The Hexahedron can spin with great rapidity, deforming it's shape outward to tag multiple targets at once. The paralysis Save is against a DC 11 in this case, for all targets within 10' of the creature before it performs this maneuver. Afterward, if cannot perform this trick nor any other for 1d6 rounds.

• It can toughen it's exterior at the cost of reducing it's ability to paralyze. Doing so drops the Save to a DC 5, but gives the creature an AC of 18. It can sustain this effect for up to 1 Turn, after which it cannot perform this trick nor any other for 1d16 rounds.

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