25 July 2016

FUNGAL OGRE (with Spore Cloud & Fungal Taint)

Init +0
Melee Atk
 • slam +6 (1d6)
Ranged Atk
 • thrown rock +2 (1d10+5)
AC 18
HD 4d10+6
MV 40
Act 2d20
SP crush attack, suffocation attack, infravision 50'
Fort +11
Ref +3
Will +7

A fungal ogre is a massive, shambling thing, fully nine feet high with tremendous amounts of fungal growth shrouding it's body.

It's actual body is rather slim, though enclosed in a dense, pockmarked exoskeleton, covered in spiky projections. It attacks with great sweeping motions of it's arms. If both such attacks land against a single target, it sweeps that target up into itself, as if performing a deadly bear hug. The target is enveloped in the fungal ogre's living fungal shroud and pressed into the spiky protrusions for an extra 1d6 damage per round. Then the fungal ogre will try to keep them there, suffocating them in hopes they will be it's next meal. The DC to break free from the grip is 20.

Each round a target is within this grip, their Attributes are damaged by 1d3 points each (single roll applied to all Attributes, except Luck). If any Attribute reaches zero the target is dead and the fungal ogre secretes digestive substances which begin to consume the target. Breaking free from the fungal ogre's grip, a target's Attributes will rise back to normal at a rate of 1d4 points each per Turn.

Init +0
Melee Atk
 • choke (auto hit; 1d3)
 • Fungal Taint Fort DC 13
MV 5 while expanding to full area

Whenever an outcropping of mushrooms is sufficiently disturbed, a spore cloud forms. A spore cloud can also happen when an especially large mushroom ruptures from internal pressures. The initial burst is a 10' radius, or equivalent. It expands out by 5 feet per round in all available directions until reaching it's full volume of up to 60'x60'x60' (or equivalent). The cloud obscures visibility as does a heavy fog. Once fully expanded, it will last for an additional 2d12 rounds before becoming inert and settling.

This condition causes an adrenaline-fueled rage in humans and humanoid creatures. This stops the ability to focus and apply Intelligence or Personality, and raises attack bonuses and damage by 2. It lasts for 1d100 minus Stamina score in rounds (minimum of 2 rounds; effectively from 20 seconds to 16 minutes)

[Featured in the One Page Dungeon Contest entry Future Tense from 2015]