31 July 2018


Init -3
Melee Atk
 • brawling +0 (1d2)
Ranged Atk
 • lightfire gun +5 (1d8, 50')
AC 14 (19)
HD 6d8
MV 30
Act 1d20
SP Double damage from fire, high Int
Fort +1
Ref +1
Will +3

Selvoth Azavato is a sharp-witted, highly intelligent hustler. Ostensibly, his job is to recruit warriors and interesting combatants to take back to the Magenta Dimension to populate the gladiatorial arena. Whether he brings them back willingly or by force, his employers do not care, nor does he himself.

With him on this job are a scouting drone, which will proceed him, and his clockwork manservants. Also on the journey is his transit servitor, a living being which he can use to both get out of tight situations and to make the translation back to the Magenta Dimension.

Azavato himself loves being in charge of a situation. His greedy and grasping personality can just about overcome his xenophobia, and he can barely hide his glee at the thought of those he's recruiting being mangled and eviscerated in the arena.

His methods of recruitment can vary from monetary enticements and straight-up business negotiations, to violent press-gang tactics; whatever it takes to get the most interesting subjects for the arena, Azavato is willing to do it.

With a slight re-working, Azavato could be an easy way to bring DCC characters over to an X-Crawl game/campaign.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

24 July 2018


Public Domain Image
Init last
Melee Atk
 • bite +0 (1d3)
AC 5
HD 2d8
MV 0
Act 1d20
SP -
Fort +1
Ref -6
Will +6

It was just there, and scared the life out of me — I raised the bucket and a man's head was resting within it!

As I struggled to regain my breath, it spoke to me in a weak, tiny voice... "Would you please return me to my home? I'm terribly cold, and have been lost for so long. Please help me, won't you?"

The head's memory seems to be, erm, incomplete, but it wanted me to travel with it, in search of it's body. I had no means to do such a thing, so when I heard about your impossible exploits, I thought maybe you'd be able to help the head, instead of myself...

If the PCs accept the Head, it will try to guide them to places where it's body might be. In truth, it is a demon in disguise, leading the PCs into danger at every opportunity.

To use the Head, decide on which places you want to lead the PCs to, and then consider what sort of "ordinary" person might visit all of those places, or at least near those places. Then you have the 'backstory' that the Head can give the PCs to convince them of it's sincerity. The Head will feign not knowing how it became separated from it's body, but will remember these places in a jumbled recollection, not knowing which it's been to most recently. Judges can also consider what sort of rivals or enemies the Head may have "made in life" to fold in other locations that the "whole person" wouldn't have likely visited, but which it's enemies might have done.

If you need to reveal the demon disguised as the Head, use the demon of your choice as best suits your campaign There are a few to choose from here on the blog, or you could generate a new one from the Rulebook.

10 July 2018


Wizards (1977)
Init -1d20
Melee Atk
 • claws +1 (1d6+1)
Sample Ranged Atk
 • crossbow +1d6 -1d8 (1d6)
AC 12
HD n/a
MV 20 or 30
Act 1d20
SP nigh-unkillable
Fort +20
Ref +20
Will +10

Yella Fae are the combination of Fae and Demons, making them a huge problem when they show up anywhere...

In numbers, they are likely to be employed by powerful, influential beings, such as demon lords, war-like Patrons, and the like, prized for their tenacity. Only a powerful personality could hope to keep large numbers of them acting in anything resembling unison.

They can also show up singly or in small numbers, usually up to the sort of mischief you might expect.

When they are attacked, the damage done by a single blow is the percent chance that they will die from that blow. If they do not die, no damage needs to be recorded; they are no closer to death than they were before the attack.

They can be trained to use almost any sort of weapon, but simply can't focus enough to be any good with any of them, except by accident.

For game mechanical purposes, treat them as a 6 HD creature (for Crit tables, etc.).

Not to cross the streams, but, Glowburners confronted with Yella Fae are 50% likely to be enthralled by them, and 50% likely to be absolutely repulsed by them.

06 July 2018


Init -3
Melee Atk
 • flail +4 (1d6)
AC 16 (21)
HD 7d14
MV 40
Act 2d20
SP Double effect from Cold
Fort +8
Ref +1
Will --

Designed to be a bodyguard for the leader of the Planet Shapers mission, LE-09 has suffered damage to it's negatronic brain in the warp-jump to this world, and has gone wandering off beyond it's normal operational parameters. This might be the world's first clue that something is not right, leading them to the Planet Shapers.

The creature has a literal photographic memory, normally used in exploring a world in preparation for it's being terraformed. It is primarily powered by solar energy, and without access to it's usual off-world power back-ups, LE-09 becomes listless or immobile between midnight and dawn, taking approximately two hours of sunlight before it regains full operational function. It gets secondary power from the ethereal dimension, though this energy maintains it's memory banks and other programming, and is insufficient to allow LE-09 to move about.

Mimicking it's masters, it will attempt to eat people, roaming in search of humans to prey upon, even though it does not need to eat substances from this world for sustenance.

It can activate additional armor by "using" an Action Die (no roll required, it just uses up one Die on that round). However, this system is also faulty, only kicking in (after the Action Die has been "spent") on a 1-in-5. The armor will remain up for no more than 2d5 rounds, requiring another Action Die if the creature decides to again activate the armor.

Consider LE-09 as having a Stamina of 21 for any purposes where that would be relevant.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

05 July 2018


Init -2
Melee Atk
 • fists +5 (1d4)
AC 13
HD 7d8
MV 30
Act 2d20
SP Immune to magic, immune to acid
Fort +2
Ref +5
Will --

The gung-ho Clashbots are used by Planet Shapers as a military defense force to protect their operations. They are appropriately aggressive for their task, and highly agile*, but have not been extensively programmed for all possible situations.

When on patrol, they can get inquisitive and stray off task. Any such patrol encountered in the wild should be considered to be distracted by something on a 2-in-5.

* If you need to roll an Agility score for this monster, add 4 to the result to reflect the heightened Agility.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

04 July 2018


Init +4
Melee Atk
 • swordleaf +3 (1d8)
AC 17
HD 7d6
MV 0 [40]
Act 3d16
SP -
Fort +4
Ref +7
Will +3

This is a bio-engineered plant used by the Planet Shapers to guard any equipment they need to have with them, but which they don't need continually, such as their means of returning home. The Float Vine is generally placed in a woods, swamp, or any setting where things can be concealed. If your campaign is set in tundra or deserts, get clever, folks.

The equipment in question is held within an all-encompassing bundle of vines, leaves, and roots. Stretching out from that point in all directions are vines reaching up to 500' in length. These snake and weave through the landscape (so as not to "point" straight to the items they are guarding).

The vines float off the ground by about three to four feet. Anything coming into contact with them alerts the plant-mind. Aggressive actions or those tracing the vines toward their center will be attacked by the supple vines, in an attempt to eliminate the possible threat. The vines can contract and extend themselves in such a way as to engage in melee with more than one opponent at a time. The closer this occurs to the center, the more vines can join the melee quickly.

The center of the vine creature does not move (hence the zero), but the vines themselves can move around (hence the 40).

Doing 2d6 damage with a bladed weapon to any given vine will sever it, though the section still attached to the center can continue to act. The HD are for the main body of the creature in the center.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

03 July 2018


Init -4
Melee Atk
 • bio-weapons +7 (1d12, 60')
AC 15 (17)
HD 1d8+3
MV 10, teleport 40
Act 2d20
SP Immune to disease, multiple limbs
Fort +9
Ref +4
Will +5

They've arrived, ready to change the world for their own purposes. That change is literal: altering the atmosphere, the terrain, the proportions of water to land, introducing new weather patterns, and altering the balance of minerals and elements. If this makes the planet uninhabitable for the life that exists here, that's alright, so long as it becomes what the Planet Shapers need...

3-30 of them are encamped in the wilderness, along with 20-80 of their clashbots for defense, and their equipment for terraforming. They have a bio-engineered plant protecting their stored tech including their means to return home, and the leader of the group has a mechanical pet.

They have an aggressive streak, protecting their presence while their work gets established. They have a gadget on their belt which they can activate to unfurl a protective vest (hence the 17 AC). They do not have emotions as we recognize them.

They can eat the humanoids of this world, but don't find them especially appetizing.

A few notions of why the Planet Shapers are planet shaping:

1. The world of the PCs is being re-made into a farming planet. All land-masses will be flattened for growing and much land will be raised from the sea bottom, and existing water will be channeled into irrigation pathways.

2. The world is so highly attuned with magic that it will be the perfect warp-station for instantaneous transport by hyper-jump, making it a sort of transfer station for pan-galactic travel.

3. More room, more room! The Planet Shapers simply need more living space, and are transforming the planet to suit them, which will wipe out all of the indigenous life. Make sure your Planet Shapers are wearing equipment that keeps them alive until the terraforming is done, which can be destroyed with 1d7+1 points of damage.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.