10 July 2018


Wizards (1977)
Init -1d20
Melee Atk
 • claws +1 (1d6+1)
Sample Ranged Atk
 • crossbow +1d6 -1d8 (1d6)
AC 12
HD n/a
MV 20 or 30
Act 1d20
SP nigh-unkillable
Fort +20
Ref +20
Will +10

Yella Fae are the combination of Fae and Demons, making them a huge problem when they show up anywhere...

In numbers, they are likely to be employed by powerful, influential beings, such as demon lords, war-like Patrons, and the like, prized for their tenacity. Only a powerful personality could hope to keep large numbers of them acting in anything resembling unison.

They can also show up singly or in small numbers, usually up to the sort of mischief you might expect.

When they are attacked, the damage done by a single blow is the percent chance that they will die from that blow. If they do not die, no damage needs to be recorded; they are no closer to death than they were before the attack.

They can be trained to use almost any sort of weapon, but simply can't focus enough to be any good with any of them, except by accident.

For game mechanical purposes, treat them as a 6 HD creature (for Crit tables, etc.).

Not to cross the streams, but, Glowburners confronted with Yella Fae are 50% likely to be enthralled by them, and 50% likely to be absolutely repulsed by them.

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