24 July 2018


Public Domain Image
Init last
Melee Atk
 • bite +0 (1d3)
AC 5
HD 2d8
MV 0
Act 1d20
SP -
Fort +1
Ref -6
Will +6

It was just there, and scared the life out of me — I raised the bucket and a man's head was resting within it!

As I struggled to regain my breath, it spoke to me in a weak, tiny voice... "Would you please return me to my home? I'm terribly cold, and have been lost for so long. Please help me, won't you?"

The head's memory seems to be, erm, incomplete, but it wanted me to travel with it, in search of it's body. I had no means to do such a thing, so when I heard about your impossible exploits, I thought maybe you'd be able to help the head, instead of myself...

If the PCs accept the Head, it will try to guide them to places where it's body might be. In truth, it is a demon in disguise, leading the PCs into danger at every opportunity.

To use the Head, decide on which places you want to lead the PCs to, and then consider what sort of "ordinary" person might visit all of those places, or at least near those places. Then you have the 'backstory' that the Head can give the PCs to convince them of it's sincerity. The Head will feign not knowing how it became separated from it's body, but will remember these places in a jumbled recollection, not knowing which it's been to most recently. Judges can also consider what sort of rivals or enemies the Head may have "made in life" to fold in other locations that the "whole person" wouldn't have likely visited, but which it's enemies might have done.

If you need to reveal the demon disguised as the Head, use the demon of your choice as best suits your campaign There are a few to choose from here on the blog, or you could generate a new one from the Rulebook.

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