03 July 2018


Init -4
Melee Atk
 • bio-weapons +7 (1d12, 60')
AC 15 (17)
HD 1d8+3
MV 10, teleport 40
Act 2d20
SP Immune to disease, multiple limbs
Fort +9
Ref +4
Will +5

They've arrived, ready to change the world for their own purposes. That change is literal: altering the atmosphere, the terrain, the proportions of water to land, introducing new weather patterns, and altering the balance of minerals and elements. If this makes the planet uninhabitable for the life that exists here, that's alright, so long as it becomes what the Planet Shapers need...

3-30 of them are encamped in the wilderness, along with 20-80 of their clashbots for defense, and their equipment for terraforming. They have a bio-engineered plant protecting their stored tech including their means to return home, and the leader of the group has a mechanical pet.

They have an aggressive streak, protecting their presence while their work gets established. They have a gadget on their belt which they can activate to unfurl a protective vest (hence the 17 AC). They do not have emotions as we recognize them.

They can eat the humanoids of this world, but don't find them especially appetizing.

A few notions of why the Planet Shapers are planet shaping:

1. The world of the PCs is being re-made into a farming planet. All land-masses will be flattened for growing and much land will be raised from the sea bottom, and existing water will be channeled into irrigation pathways.

2. The world is so highly attuned with magic that it will be the perfect warp-station for instantaneous transport by hyper-jump, making it a sort of transfer station for pan-galactic travel.

3. More room, more room! The Planet Shapers simply need more living space, and are transforming the planet to suit them, which will wipe out all of the indigenous life. Make sure your Planet Shapers are wearing equipment that keeps them alive until the terraforming is done, which can be destroyed with 1d7+1 points of damage.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

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