30 September 2012


Init +6
Melee Atk
 • claws +5 (2d6+5)
AC 16
HD 3d6+4
MV 10 (on ice), Fly 40
Act 1d20
SP Cold immunity, dazing sight
Fort +3
Ref +2
Will +1

"Nalvaengur" translates from the language of the North as "needle-wing". These near-arctic dwelling, bird-like creatures roost on frozen lakes and ponds, awaiting unwary prey through the weeks-long nights of the North. They are highly territorial about the frozen waters on which they nest, attacking anything that moves onto the ice, or that simply gets too near.

They swoop down at their targets from above, black creatures charging from out of a black sky, the claws on the front of their bodies held out, ready to flay the meat off the bones of threats to their nest. Their eyes become highly luminescent during attack frenzy, and can dazzle men and fey races alike. The target and those within 10 feet of the target able to see the bird must make a DC 15 Will saving throw to avoid losing AC; failure means the target is momentarily startled and gives up their Agility bonus to AC, as well as an additional 2 points.

Nalvaengur are coated in a slimy hair, that does not freeze; this also has the effect of making them hard to grasp and keep a hold on. When at rest, they fold their legs under themselves, with their long claws held below and pointing to the back. On these they roost, and can even skate, after a fashion, to move about on the ice.

The creatures are resistant to the cold, their natural climate. They can easily handle temperatures well below freezing, and this fortitude means they can reduce any cold damage, even of a magical nature, by 25 points per event.

Locals prize, almost revere, nalvaengur and, on those occasions when they manage to kill one of the things, will make great use of every part; the claws make very durable needles for the sewing together of tough hides, the slimy hair makes unbeatable insulation, the upper part of the beak is used as a ritual drinking vessel, the lower part a fine tool for scraping hides, the tongue is an edible delicacy offered to honored guests, the eyes even after death will glow for a time when shaken, and so on.

12 September 2012


Init +3
Melee Atk
 • shortsword +2 (1d6)
 • or other weapon
AC 12, or as per armor
HD 3d7
MV 30
Act 1d20
SP Sleep Magic
Fort +1
Ref +2
Will +2

Naka are a fanatically law-abiding, nomadic people, traveling in small bands or individually, and expertly versed in the laws of the lands they move through, often even more so than the inhabitants of those lands. They are very gregarious, often heartily calling strangers "friend" even when first sighted at range. However, they are especially reluctant to discuss themselves or their origins, changing the subject quickly if asked about such things.

Mysteriously, they are always found traveling from west to east, however circuitously...

The Naka are of nearly human height and build, with cat-like, over-sized eyes, and dusky skin thickly covered in short, bristly hair.

They are great raconteurs, able to talk for hours, as well as being a great resource for travelers who meet them on the road. They can often describe hazards and challenges in the area sufficiently well to indirectly aid others' passage.

But travelers should be wary of evil Naka -- they have a nefarious influence they can manifest as they speak, causing listeners to fall magically, deeply asleep. Their words drill into the brain, echoing, reverberating, and remove all sense of time and place from waking consciousness. Listeners can escape this effect by making a Will Save vs. DC 13 +1 per minute of oratory.

Evil Naka are friendly with ogres and may put their targets into powerful sleep in order to sell them outright to ogres, or to advance some more complex ogre-involved scheme... Their numbers can include wizards, and such wizards favor toads as their familiars.

Naka wizards will be featured in a later entry of this blog.