26 June 2018


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Init +0 (but roll 1d30)
Melee Atk
 • claws +11 (3d6)
 • stinger +8 (3d5 + poison)
AC 20
HD 9d10+10
MV 20, fly 120
Act 2d20
SP -
Fort +15
Ref +7
Will +6

In life, Geryon was a trickster, defrauding anyone and everyone he could. Crossing the King of Elfland, he became a giant monstrous being upon his death, with a serpentine body ending with a stinger, raptors' wings, and leonine paws.

Anyone aligned with the King of Elfland who meets Geryon, Geryon must serve — he must confess as much, once he is aware of any degree of alliance with the King. Likewise, anyone who can recount the story of one of Geryon's misdeeds to his face will have his loyal service for 1d12 days (or a number of days determined by the Judge based on the severity of the fraud recounted; recounting the fraud perpetrated upon the King of Elfland himself may result in a year or more of service).

If Geryon is reduced to 0 hp, he dissolves, reforming somewhere in Hell, where from he must claw his way back to the mortal world to continue to pay his debt to the King of Elfland.

The poison of his stinger will completely paralyze anyone mortal for 1d24 hours, unless they can succeed on a DC 16 Fort Save, thereby only being affected for 1d4 rounds. Other sorts of beings will be affected to a different degree, or not at all, as preferred by the Judge.

When not in direct service to anyone, Geryon tends a large herd of red cattle.

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