12 June 2018


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Init +10
Melee Atk
 • hatchet +2 (1d6)
AC 10
HD 2d12
MV 60, fly 30
Act 1d20 + 1d16
SP ghostly
Fort +8
Ref +8
Will +3

Look, you just don't want to spend a night in the marsh. It's haunted!

The worst of it is the Marsh Ghost... s'like a man in a cloak and hood, must stand near eight feet tall, it does, and carries an axe what it hacks folks apart with...

If you try to run, it flies after you, or moves over the marsh faster than anything else could, coz it don't have to touch the ground, does it?

If you try to smash it with a stick, or a sword if you have one, more often than not, your weapon will just pass right through it, like 7 times out of 10. Unless you have a magical thing to strike it with, which it can't seem to avoid like other things.

But it can also just disappear and then reappear as it likes... in the same spot, or anything up to a hunnert feet away! (thrice a night)

They's some who say that even if you thinks you've kilt it, it jus' comes back after a few nights... You've just made yo'self what they call a reepreeve. No kind of lasting safety, I assures you.

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