09 October 2017


Init +7
Melee Atk
 • life-drain +4 (1d5, special)
Ranged Atk
 • aging +4 (1d5 years, 10' cone, 20' length)
AC 15
HD 3d10 (17 hp)
MV 40
Act 2d20 + 1d16
SP intangible, impossible speed, crazy clever, mulligan
Fort n/a
Ref +11
Will n/a

Psychotically fast, these un-dead skeletal constructs seek to destroy all living creatures they encounter.

If they give up Action Dice to get more movement, they can give up each Die individually, gaining an additional movement for each one. So, if they gave up all of their Action Dice to move, they would have a speed of 160 for that round.

Their life-draining touch transfers the hit points lost by the target to themselves (they cannot exceed their total possible hp, which is 30).

They are intangible due to constantly vibrating at a high frequency, except for the remainder of the round after they use either of their attacks. Even then it takes a DC 10 Reflex Save on top of an attack to hit them successfully.

Unlike many constructs, they have genius-level cunning and intuition. They can intuit many capabilities of any creature they face after a round or two, and will be prepared appropriately if possible. To help reflect this, they get one re-roll per encounter (a second chance on a Save, attack roll, damage roll, etc.). Referees willing to do so, may instead impose this re-roll on the players, the creatures "forcing" them to re-roll a successful attack, or the like.

They cannot be affected by things that force a Fortitude Save or a Will Save.

Whipped into life using Monster Extractor II: The Un-Dead

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