19 January 2017


Init +3
Ranged Atk
 • move by +20 (1d30+1d24)
 • bone spear +11 (1d30, 170')
AC 14
HD 24d24+16
MV 60
Act 3d20
SP teleportation
Fort +20
Ref +1
Will +20

Worshiped by a distant tribe or village, The Shapeless God has adopted these peoples for as-yet unknown purposes, and defends them fiercely.

With a diameter of over 50 feet, it hovers above the town, city, or village its wards occupy. When needed, it moves by teleportation, creating a swath of flashing lights in its path. When it wills it, these lights cause severe damage (as indicated above) which is distributed among all creatures and objects in its path of travel (roll the dice and divvy up the damage generated; don't roll the dice for each target. Though it could direct most of the damage to a single, large threat, it can't send all of it to one target).

Its teleport power also allows The Shapeless God to hover in mid-air, since it does not have solid appendages for standing. It has no need to breathe, so it is also comfortable in water of any type.

The Shapeless God can also generate bone-like calcified spear-like objects, which it can shoot from its tendrils with deadly accuracy.

Created with Monster Extractor III: Giants & Giant Creatures

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