27 December 2016


Init +2
Melee Atk
 • bladed tail +13 (1d24)
AC 30
HD 16d12+8
MV 50
Act 2d20+1d16
SP rapid burrowing
Fort +14
Ref +2
Will +14

Once every 1d24 years, Tahudei burrows up from deep in the earth and wreaks havoc upon the surface of the world. It roams in search of food, as simple as that, eating whatever animal life it comes across.

Seventy-four feet long, Tahudei can burrow through the earth as fast as it can run. When it is head-down in the dirt, with it's tail still above the surface, the AC of its tail is considered to be a 15.

After it has consumed approximately 500 pounds of meat, sinew, and bone, the creature will burrow back down to some nest deep beneath the surface and remain there for another 1d24 years.

Produced using Monster Extractor III: Giants & Giant Creatures

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