18 September 2017


Init +1
Melee Atk
 • bite +13 (1d24, 10' dia.)
Ranged Atk
 • tar spray +16 (1d50, 30' distant, 30' radius)
AC 28
HD 24d30+24 (396 hp)
MV 80, fly 80
Act 3d24 + 2d20
SP Control Fire (+16)
Fort +23
Ref +1
Will +4

Snake-like, the Giant Tar Spitter is over 200 feet long, the equivalent of 6-8 fire trucks in length. It dwells in a secluded corner of a vast (grand?) canyon, seldom seen, but always feared by anyone with half a brain.

It can control fire, as per the spell.

When it attacks other creatures, it uses its bite to pierce their flesh, but does not eat them, drinking most of their blood over 1-3 rounds instead.

When resolving the effect of it's tarry breath, the one attack roll should be compared to the AC of each target in the area, but the damage should be rolled separately for each target hit, the spray being uneven and unpredictable.

Produced using Monster Extractor III: Giants & Giant Creatures

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