15 February 2013


Init +3
Melee Atk
 • polearm +5 (1d4; time jump)
 • stingers +4 (1d3; sleep)
 • bite +2 (1d6+2)
AC 15
HD 2d8+3
MV 40
Act 3d20
SP time jump, sleep poison
Fort +5
Ref +3
Will +0

The Mandriano, or Drover Demons, herd the damned to their torment in Hell. Most of their bulk is covered in a thick, dimpled shell that they can flex open to reveal appendages with poisoned barbs. They have the head of a lion, and powerful, twisted limbs -- two legs to bear their massive bulk, and a single long, multi-jointed arm.

Reaching ten feet in height, they tower over the damned and use the butt of their polearms to shove and bludgeon the damned to their fate. They also serve as the first line of defense, should Hell be invaded by paladins, crusaders and the like.

The business end of their pole-arm weapons can bludgeon, pierce and slash, bypassing any particular defenses against one or more of such attacks. The heads of these weapons are also slightly four-dimensional, and anybody viewing the weapon close-up needs to succeed on a Will save vs. DC 11 or be distracted by the impossible angles and uncertain perspective, losing a turn. On a successful strike, the damage dealt was done to the target 1d4 rounds in the past, and they have now stood where they were, immobile, ever since. By thus changing events, the Mandriano recovers that die result in d4 of healing, as if those wounds never happened. However, no healing occurs for other individuals.

They also have three or four chubby, worm-like appendages which wobble out from their shell and can strike with ferocious speed. The barb striking true does not inflict great harm, but it does induce sleep (Fort save vs. DC 17 to resist). This sleep will last (damage inflicted)x10 minutes, unless alchemically or magically interrupted. Mandriano will use their wormy appendages to drag sleeping targets to their masters.

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