25 March 2013

Get In The Prison Of The Squid Sorcerer

You deserve it.

What with all the running of the games you've been doing -- or the *not* running of the games but needing to show your GM your appreciation of him by running something of your own so he can just play in a fershlugginer game for a change.

Yeah, I know you're guilty. It's written all over your face.

So get in there. The Prison was made for you. You'll be bunking in a cell next to the Mermaids from Yuggoth, perhaps. Sitting next to The Painted Woman at chow time. Shooting hoops with the Fleshrenders out in the yard. And when the Shadow of Malagok comes up behind you (while you're cheering on a fight between Umbo the ape-man and the Flickering Demon over the Coin of Calcia), don't worry -- he doesn't have a shiv. He doesn't need one...

You can steal from them if you dare -- or take over the operations they're running inside and outside the slammer just as they are.

You've been sentenced to twelve short adventures and adventure seeds. Play them as short one-shots, or use them as inspiration for longer term adventures. It's up to you how you fill those long, dark hours in your 10 by 10 stone cell with a skarajian across the cell block from you, giving you the stink-eye and slowly drawing one claw repeatedly across it's neck.

See you when if you get out.



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