23 July 2013


Init +7
Melee Atk
 • Ram +9 (2d8)
 • Longsword +8 (1d8+2)
Ranged Atk
 • Quills +9 (1d6; 50')
AC 16
HD 4d12
MV 35
Act 2d20
SP split attack, save substitution
Fort +3
Ref +7
Will +3

Elkmen (also known as Wildemen) are known as Alaphos on their native Fey Plane. They are a proud, animal-like race of beings, who are the hereditary defenders of the Elven hunting grounds, impeding the trespass of all save Elves and their guests. They are a grim and humorless lot, who understand the whims of Men not at all, regarding them with disdain, even to the point of behaving as if they cannot see nor hear humankind (unless the hunting grounds are invaded). They have a long history with the Elves, one of mutual benefit, wherein the Alaphos are far from servants, but more than mere allies; each race admires the other, while secretly glad they are not the other.

An Elkman will attack at range by swinging a forearm and launching one or more quills. He can aim for a single target, or spread the attack against multiple targets. When launching multiple quills, the attack bonus given is simply divided among the number of attacks as they see fit, e.g., two quills at +5 and +4, or at +6 and +3, one each against two targets or both against one target -- up to nine quills against nine targets (each at a +1 bonus) in one round. Each Elkman has 1d4+8 quills growing on each arm at any given time. They can launch quills into a melee with no chance to hit their own kind.

They will engage in melee by ramming a single target with their antlers at a full run, thereafter employing the sword, with which they are adept and cunning.

Once per day they can make a Reflex Save in place of a Fortitude Save, as a supernatural avoidance of calamity.

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