04 May 2015


Init +0
Melee Atk
 • kick +0 (1d3-1)
 • zap gun +1 (1d4+1)
AC 12
HD 1d6
MV 20
Act 1d20
SP golemcraft
Fort +1
Ref +2
Will +0

Wajaas have a scavenger culture, pilfering when they think they can get away with it, but always wandering and searching for discarded items. They speak only their own un-learnable language, but seem to be able to understand all others, and to make themselves broadly understood by sputtering out a lengthy stream of chitters and hacks (usually accompanied with wild, flinging gestures).

Some civilized folks find them useful, acting something like garbage haulers. But most find them distasteful and disgusting pests, the houseflies of the humanoid races.

The discarded items the Wajaas collect are amassed in their home-burrows, which usually include access into subterranean caverns.

The Wajaas have a little-known ability to craft golems out of the detritus that they collect. The size and life-span of each golem determines how long it will take the Wajaas to create it, as follows:

Biggest     Time
Dimension   to Create
6"          1d3 hours
1'          1d8 hours
5'          1d3 days
10'         1d10 days
20'         1d30 days

Life-span      Creation Time
1d3 hours      none
1d3 days       1d4 hours
1d3 weeks      1d4 days
1d3 months     1d14 days
indefinite     1d30 days

These golems can generally perform 3-6 distinct tasks, such as:

• serve food from the kitchen
• clear the table
• wash the dishes
• shelve the dishes
• you have three masters (lord, lady, child)


• defend this doorway
• pursue whoever goes through the doorway
• attack those you pursue
• accept exceptions, only from your master
• you have only one master

Those designated as a golem's master can create new instructions as needed, until the golem expires or is destroyed. The Wajaas themselves can also 're-instruct' and re-engineer a golem of their creation at any time.

Sample Wajaas Golems:

Battlefield Weapon Remnant Golem
Init +4
Melee Atk
 • blade claws +6 (2d8)
Ranged Atk
 • arrow launch +3 (1d6, 3 shots)
AC 16
HD 2d16
MV 30
Act 2d20
Fort +5
Ref +3
Will +0

Standing 7 feet tall, these clockwork warriors are constructed from broken weapons and armor from the site of a massive battle between two kingdoms. They exist only to fight, and take 1d30+1d6 days to create, lasting until destroyed.

Household Golem
Init +0
Melee Atk
 • punch -3 (1d3-1)
AC 10
HD 1d4
MV 20
Act 1d16
Fort +0
Ref +0
Will +0

These golems take care of simple, repetitive tasks around a large household, supplementing living staff. They stand between 3 and 4 feet tall, are made to look pleasing to the eye, and take 1d30+3 days to create.

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