14 January 2020


Init +0
Ranged Atk
• fire burst +3 (1d14+1, 20')
AC 17
HD 3d6
MV 60
Act 1d24
SP 'breath' weapon, sideslip, perfect silence, morphing
Fort +5
Ref +8
Will +6

Ochre sand may be some further evolution of one (or more?) slime-, mold-, or jelly-like creatures. It exists as a non-thinking, highly territorial thing. If somehow anyone could make contact with it's mind, they would come to understand the creature's territory in the most complete and extreme way, but they'd also suffer from headaches for 1d7 days thereafter (minus 1d3 to Int).

An ochre sand attacks by forming an opening in it's form which erupts with fire. A Reflex Save vs. a DC 13 will cut the damage in half.

It occupies a space of about 3' cubed, and can avoid damage by simply deforming away from the attack, giving it it's high AC and reducing all physical attacks against it by 6 points of damage. It can approximate the shapes of things in it's environment, so it might take the form of an elaborate but apparently-weathered arch over a passageway or a heavily worn statue.

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