01 April 2013


Init +0
Melee Atk
 • punch/kick +0 (1d2)
AC 10
HD 1d4
MV 20
Act 1d16
SP small, spirit contact, alternate form, & others
Fort +8
Ref +8
Will +8

A kobold is a creature of the spirit realm. They are merely two to three feet in height, and have the features of wizened old folk. Their legs are reversed from those of mortal folk, one of which is as black as soot. They emit light from their chests, and they are able to vary this light from a dim glow to a bright torch light.

They are incorrigible mischief makers, liable when found to be amidst one of the following deeds:

• Robbing nappers of food or coin.

• Moving objects around in a home while residents are away (sometimes placing the objects in the home of another).

• Removing important municipal items or replacing those items 24 hours after having taken them.

• Seeking care and comfort from humans in the form of an animal -- often a distressed animal, such as a soaking wet house cat, or a snake bit hen.

They can also perform good deeds such as raising an alarm to impending trouble, making known structural damage of a ship or a home, or waking sleepers in a burning building.

They have several abilities that they can use once per day each:

• They can move as a bright blue streak of light for quadruple their normal movement (they must drop stolen or other borne items in this form).

• They can shoot a blast of fire from their finger tips (2d6 fire damage, which each are re-rolled if they come up '6', with the new roll added to the original result).

• They can assume the form of a common animal, often a small domestic animal.

• They can assume the form of an object, often a household object.

• They can turn invisible, except for the light emitted from their chest.

• 1-in-3 Kobolds can assume the form of an adult human.

Kobolds are the spirits of deceased children who died long, long ago, but who have remained in the mortal world and become warped by centuries of existence. As such, they have one foot in the spirit realm (hence the coal-black leg), and are in contact with ghosts, revenants and ethereal echos. If they were killed by a weapon, they will be carrying a version of that weapon and can use it ably.

They are often linked to a home or other place important to the child or to his family, such as a ship, a mine, a road or a pasture.

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  1. That picture is terrifying. I bet he does the Creep.