28 April 2013


Init +0
Melee Atk
  • staff +3 (1d4+5)
Ranged Atk
  • sling +4 (1d4)
AC 14
HD 5d4+3
MV 30
Act 1d20
SP bonus spell
Fort +3
Ref +1
Will +4

His visage abhorrent to behold, his flesh slowly flowing down his skull, Tahn-Ru can make mighty men pale and falter. His spells are for hire, and he specializes in entrapping nobles, travellers, and persons of note, keeping them alive for his paymasters. He has a mighty intelligence that he turns to devising intricate, irresistible situations that lead to the collection of his targets. He is more than willing to play a long game in pursuit of his pay.

Mortals upon first laying eyes on Tahn-Ru's disgusting, slack visage, need to make two Will Saves vs. a DC 17, such is the horror show of his face. Failing one leaves the subject to throw all dice at one die-step lower for the next 1d3 rounds. Failing both, the penalty is two die-steps for 2d3 rounds. Non-leveled characters failing one save are dumbstruck, unable to act (with the sole option of fleeing) over the next 1d8 rounds, and those failing both saves flee indiscriminately for 1d14 rounds.

Tahn-Ru casts the following effects by rolling a d30 and matching or exceeding the target number indicated for each effect. This d30 roll replaces his d20 Action die. Any result of a natural 1 on the d30 causes Tahn-Ru excruciating pain that immobilizes him for 1d5 rounds. Saves against Tahn-Ru's spells should be made against the referenced result, not the result of the d30 roll.

Wizard Sense (25) - As per result of 20 on Page 245.

Sleep (24) - As per a result of 20 on Page 155.

Eternal Champion (24) - As per result of 18 on Page 214.

Haste (21) - As per result of 22 on Page 221.

Invisible Companion (20) - As per result 26 on Page 173.

Knock (17) - As per result 22 or lower on Page 175. Tahn-Ru can also reverse the effect and lock/fasten any or all items in range.

Color Spray (17) - As per result 18 on Page 135.

Ventriloquism (15) - As per result 28 or lower on Page 158.

Once per week, he can cast a second spell within a single round, or both cast as normal and use his Action die for some other task.

He also carries the Staff of Tahn-Ru with the following properties:

• Negates some or all natural light in a 40-foot radius, at will, at up to a range of 100 feet. This effect can be moved at will, even keeping a moving target within it's effect (until they move out of range).

• The staff is considered a +1 magical weapon.

• The staff adds +2 to the AC of the wielder.

• All saves for spells cast while the staff is held are at +1 difficulty.

• Tahn-Ru takes 3d4 damage if the staff is destroyed. The staff has 6 hp, and an effective AC of 16 for striking it in combat in such a way as to harm it.

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