01 April 2018


Init +0
Social Atk
 • flex (awe 1d16)
Melee Atk
 • punch +0 (1d4-2 [0,0,1,2])
AC 15
HD 3d6
MV 30
Act 1d20
SP -
Fort +4
Ref +2
Will +2

Charles Flatadz wanders the land, putting on displays of his physical prowess in towns and villages, and selling his wares: books (some all-pictures, some text) on better health and fitness, and ointments and concoctions meant to support that end.

He can awe the crowd by running through his routine of poses and catch-phrases. With each pass, he can awe 1d16 zero level individuals. Others are awed at the Judge's discretion, except for PCs, which should be left to their own devices. Those awed are inclined to spend money on Flatadz's products.

Flatadz's products set the stage for a further situation, left to the devices and invention of the Judge, but a few suggestions follow:

1) Flatadz's books and brews prepare the populace for something that is soon to come... Another, more malevolent visitor who will now feast on a selection of those who have 'bought in'...

2) Flatadz returns two to four weeks after his first visit. Those who partook of his products are susceptible to his control. He may simply want those under his power to spread word of him and increase his appeal and ability to sell his wares. This effect could be combined with the above, so the "enthusiasts' spread the word, and some small portion of them feeds the evil visitor — or feeds Flatadz himself!

3) The "Charles Flatadz" identity is completely false, a cover for: a powerful wizard... a reviled sovereign on the run... a scam artist who's escaping the results of one scam by running another...

4) The ointments and such cause users to sleep extra-heavily — Flatadz then burgles their homes.

Charles Flatadz can be found shilling within the pages of Inner Ham products.

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