17 April 2018


Init +1d10+4
Melee Atk
 • crush +3 (1d3)
 • bite +2 (1d4)
Ranged Atk
 • spark +3 (1d6, 30')
AC 15
HD 8d4+4
MV 10, hover 30
Act 1d20 + 3d16
SP spore aura 10', extra-long limbs
Fort +2
Ref +3
Will +1

Growing mushrooms from it's back, the Cukahpi is a vile little creature of malice and spite, liking nothing better than to crush and choke living things with its many extendable, tendril-like limbs.

Anyone whose Stamina is below 9 that finds themselves exposed to the Cukahpi is subject to it's spore aura. Any such subject failing a DC 15 Fortitude Save finds their ability to naturally heal hp and ability damage blocked for 1d7 days.

The Cukahpi can use it's d20 Action Die for any sort of action, but can only use it's d16 Action Dice for crush attacks or spark attacks.

Its spark attack must 'rest' for as many rounds as the result of it's damage die, before it can be used again.

Cukahpi is an additional potential monster for the Monster Trainer class to track down and capture. You'll find more such creatures, such as the Nauseapuff, in the Working Class Alphabet zine.

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