20 August 2012

What's In That Name...?

Greetings, Culture Lovers. And thanks for stopping by, especially given the lack of culture that will be on full display in this blog. Well, 'classy' culture anyway. *swallows yogurt* This blog is about pretend monsters that you can use to fight pretend explorers and treasure seekers in pretend worlds along with your real friends. You'll use dice, pencils, paper, wild gesticulations of your hands, and -- if you're doing it right -- a manic gleam in your eye. Yes, just the one. The other should be stone cold placid; creeps 'em out even more that way.

But what the heck is 'Appendix M' when it's at home, eh? The name is a take off on Appendix N. I could explain Appendix N, but odds are, if you're reading this, you don't need that. If you do, well... Read on...

Meanwhile, the blog has a secret mission. But I can tell you -- you look like a trustworthy type... I used to draw not too badly at all. But I lost my mojo, baby. Partly because we had a baby and that is amazing and wonderful and will grow your heart three sizes bigger just like the Grinch, breaking that little x-ray thingy's frame in the process. But it is also a game-changer as well as a diaper-changer. Your time is not your own anymore. Anyway, circumstances have now given me time of my own --

 -- and this blog is my mission to keep myself drawing. And to keep thinking up weird stuff for RPGs. It'll be mostly monsters, I expect, but I may run other ideas up the blogpole and see what sticks. Or who salutes. Or whatever.

The stats will be for the amaztastic Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game, but should be easily adaptable to your own game of choice.

Catch ya around. And watch out for level three; I keep hearing thunderous gurgling noises coming from down there...

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