30 January 2015


Init +1
Melee Atk
 • bite +1 (1d4)
 • claw +1 (1d4)
AC 16
HD 1d8+1
MV 20
Act 1d20
SP immune to mental effects, magical force effects, hypno eyes
Fort +1
Ref +2
Will +1

Tivvig is the brains behind a non-humanoid gang, of sorts. After Voothus (see yesterday's post) gathers some information about a target or targets, Tivvig moves in.

His approach will depend very much on what Voothus has found out. He may approach the Party while they are encamped and beg for food, meanwhile taking any opportunity to rob them of wealth and magic. Similarly, he might feign an injury.

Alternately, he might make a bolder approach, such as accusing the Party of trespassing on his land, and trust to his small size (under 3') to confuse and endear him to his targets. If Voothus has been able to gather some personal information, Tivvig might pass himself off as a soothsayer or mystic, or even as the spirit of a loved one "who has just passed" and try to infiltrate the Party that way.

His ultimate aim is to lie to their faces and make off with as many possessions of the Party as he can — whether this takes minutes or hours (or even days, if the con goes well for him).

His eyes have a mildly hypnotic effect, causing those watching him to relax and put their guard down. This serves to make his lies seem more truthful, and may give him an edge (bonus of 1d3 x 1d5 to Initiative and +2d4 to first attack and damage) if he is caught stealing.

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He is immune to mental attacks and tampering of any kind. He can also ignore magical force, such as effects of the Force Manipulation spell, and any other effect that is defined as "magical force" or "magical energy" or is otherwise stemming from magic, but is not a defined "type" of effect (such as fire or cold, etc.). This "force" immunity extends to general magical bonuses on weapons.

He can mentally summon Voothus to him, calling him from a safe location once he has some swag and passing them to the hovering giant, who then carries the loot away and stashes it.

He will probably approach his marks on foot, to seem more sympathetic, but he is often otherwise astride his mount, the Scarlsnipe (see tomorow's entry).

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