29 January 2015


Init +0
Melee Atk
 • tail lash +5 (1d6)
Ranged Atk
 • bellow +3 (1d3, move back 1d30')
AC 16
HD 4d10
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MV 30, fly 40
Act 3d16
SP stealth, darkvision
Fort +14
Ref +2
Will +9

Voothus is the scout for a non-humanoid gang. His role is to observe a possible target, gather as much information as he can, and report back to his friend, Tivvig.

The usual operation involves tailing travelers through a woods or jungle, with Voothus hovering high above them, thanks to helium bladder he can inflate on his back. Despite his immense size (18' tall if he stood up straight), he can maneuver through the canopy with great stealth (silent on a 5-in-6), and use the foliage to his advantage to conceal himself (concealed on a 9-in-10). He can also hover high above a party camping in the open at night to perform his job (silent on a 7-in-8).

While he has never spoken humanoid languages, he seems to understand them perfectly well, noting details about where a party may be going, their strengths, and what they intend to do next. Needless to say, his hearing is excellent.

If pushed to fighting, and escape is not an option (even when spending all Action Dice for extra movement), Voothus can swipe with his tail, and cry out with a forceful, resonant bellow that can force foes to retreat (this targets all individuals within a 40' arc, and up to 30' away). But escape will remain a top priority, and his attacks will almost always be made to improve his chance of escape, or to protect his friends.

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