20 January 2015


Init +0
Melee Atk
 • slam +0 (1d12)
AC 16
HD 9d8+9
MV 40
Act 2d30
SP only damaged by cold iron, howl, magic immunity
Fort +6
Ref +4
Will +4

Zhydos are low-intelligence creatures of a huge scale, fully 30 feet in length in the largest specimens. Their eyes and hearing organs are at the ends of flexible stalks, giving them perception in all directions. They are covered in a chitinous partial exoskeleton, and attack by swinging their spinal-plates against their targets.

Their mouths, an ever-open orifice, are filled with jagged teeth and manipulating suckers which they flex to consume their prey. A zhydo aroused to combat will emit a low-frequency howl, which shakes the focus of it's opponents. This causes 6 points of Personality damage (or Wisdom) without a Save, although the damage heals faster than normal — 1 point per hour. This effect can only reduce the Personality of any individual by a maximum of 6, regardless of how many zhydos are creating the effect, or if a second encounter follows before the damage from the first is completely recovered.

Zhydos are only harmed by cold iron weapons, and are also highly immune to magic. This immunity is 100% against casters of 4th Level or below. For each Level above 4th, subtract 5% from 100% to determine the degree of immunity.

Zhydos nest in groups of 3 to 5 adults, and generally attack whomever causes them the most harm or threatens the young (when present).

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