05 September 2018


Init +4
Ranged Atk
 • thought +7 (1d8, line of sight)
AC 9HD 8d10
MV 40
Act 2d20
SP vulnerable to fire, high STR, Immune to magic
Fort +3
Ref +6
Will +3

Tasked with overseeing up to a dozen teams of mining bots, the plant-based Controller stands 9 feet tall and 'communicates' in radiophonic crackles and noise.

They will aggressively defend themselves and the mining bots with pure thought striking into the mind of those they target. They are also physically strong (equiv. of 3d6+5), but take double damage from fire and suffer twice as much from intense heat.

The Controller is unaffected by magic. Magic weapons strike as if mundane, and spells simply wash over them. This reflects from how far afield they have come to extract their chosen ore (another dimension, an alternate reality, a micro-verse, etc.).

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

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