25 September 2018


Init +1d8
Melee Atk
 • mayhem +1d6 (1d4 + attack bonus)
 • vengeance +1d8 (1d7 + attack bonus)
 • fury +1d10 (1d10 + attack bonus) 
Ranged Atk
 • improvised weapons +1d4 (1d4*1d3, 10/20/30)
AC 5
HD 20d6
MV 25
Act 5d20
SP -
Fort +8
Ref +2
Will +6

Rabble are a large, noisy, uncontrolled group of people, generally swept up by mischievous or malicious intent or fervor. When their approximate intent is to harm someone they can certainly be deadly, but remain unpredictable... The Rabble depicted here is designed with the intent to do harm.

Depending on the degree of their intent, use the attack level you deem appropriate.

Each round, as they envelop the subject of their anger, roll 1d3 and consult the following:

   1) Employ only half of their Action Dice and restrict them to half of their movement.

   2) Employ all of their Action Dice, but any result of an odd number is considered as no action taken.

   3) Employ all Action Dice.

Each HD eliminated represents a member of Rabble becoming incapacitated or killed. Handle this distinction between injury and death by narrative means, not by numbers. Any time a 1/4th of the current total HD are eliminated, roll a Will Save for the Rabble vs. a DC 18. With a success, their temper is abated, and they should be stepped down the rank of attacks (e.g., from 'vengeance' to 'mayhem'). Stepping down from mayhem means the Rabble disperse... If however the Save is failed, they ramp up the scale of the attack ranks (e.g., from 'vengeance' to 'fury'). When rising beyond fury, add 1d6 HD back into the total, giving some members an extra HD owing to the near-madness of their rage.

Note that the size of the Rabble is not limited by the number of HD, but that the HD in larger groups of Rabble would represent the 'core' that the rest of the members are following. For tougher Rabble, give two of the HD to each member of the core. You may also increase or decrease the number of HD to suit the situation, as with any monster.

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