02 October 2018


Init +18
Melee Atk
 • touch +9 (2d10, Fort Save vs. DC 16 or lose all hp)
Ranged Atk
 • flame throwing +8 (2d30, 10' wide line, 50/100/200)
AC 24
HD 10d20+50
MV 50
Act 1d30 + 2d24
Magic Resistance 85%
Worshiper's Alignment: Any (C)
Symbol: A Bloody Hand
Native Plane: The World (Áereth, for example)
Class Equivalencies: Clr 5, War 8, Hlf 4
Favored Weapons: caestus, swordbreaker, any sword, barehands
Unholy Creatures: Lawful races and tribes, dragons, giants, pregnant creatures
SP invisible, murder-derma , indeterminate form, demi-god, two-weapon fighting, un-dead control
Fort +15
Ref +20
Will +18

Xerelvu ascended to demi-god status when the god of death was impressed by the carnage the former adventurer had caused. Also known as the Right-Hand of Death, Xerelvu eternally seeks recruits for the Army of the Dead.

When a PC has killed 100 creatures, Xerelvu will soon appear, place an arm around that character's shoulders and invite them to join the Army of the Dead. Acceptance will mean joining the Army for eternity upon the death of the character, serving Chaos while alive without the slightest tolerance for Law nor Neutrality. This may create a dramatic schism in the adventuring party, which should be fun for those who can handle it. Why not have a spectacular blow-up that the survivors can move on from...? They're sure to meet or recruit new friends and cohorts, eh?

When Xerelvu lays an arm on your shoulders, it might at first feel as if a heavy snake has been laid upon you. Then you might notice that it feels like a human, bone-thin arm with two — or is it three!? — elbows twisting along your shoulder blades. Then before you're done, it may feel like a warm pudding is soaking into your jerkin.

To touch the demi-god unbidden is to die, unless a successful Fort Save vs. DC 28 is made.

Xerelvu is aware of and can command or control any and all un-dead creatures within 5 miles.

New Weapons

Caestus* . 1d7 . 8 gp
Swordbreaker** . 1d4 . 6 gp

* Can be used to negate a hit at the cost of an Action Die on the following round. It cannot be used in this way if the hit was a critical hit, nor if the attack roll exceeded the caestus wearer's AC by 4 or more.
** On a critical hit, or any hit where the attack roll exceeds the target's AC by 4 or more, if the opponent is using a sword, dagger, or similar weapon, the wielder of the swordbreaker may chose to break their foe's weapon, instead of rolling for a critical hit result as usual.

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