23 October 2018


Init +5
Melee Atk
 • hammer hand +7 (1d6+2)
 • pours down throat (1d4 Stamina)
AC 11
HD 6d12+3
MV 70 special
Act 4d16
SP magic to hit
Fort +3
Ref +9
Will +1

The fleshy nightmare is a large, hovering sphereoid shape of doughy flesh, roughly the volume of three humans, with a single, human-sized arm protruding from it, a hammer-like shape in place of it's hand

If the creature can close and come into direct contact with a foe, it can pour down their throat, suffocating them. Roll a Strength for the creature on 5d6, reducing this total by 1 for every 5 points of damage the creature has lost or goes on to lose. For every round after the first, the Stamina damage is inflicted. A target that reaches 0 Stamina has suffocated.

While the creature is in sight of someone, it can move up to 70 feet per round. It cannot give up it's Action Dice to extend the range when observed. But if the creature is not within sight, it can change position by 70 per round (140 if giving up Action Dice), without regard to walls and other barriers. It just is hovering in a new location.

Magical items, weapons and spells are required to damage the flesh nightmare.

This monster was created using Monster Extractor V: Deadly Monsters Now! — available through RPGNow.com


Move: 260 feet/turn
Hit Dice: 6+1
Armor Class: 8
Treasure Type: Q
Alignment: lawful evil
Attacks: 4 hammer blows
Damage: 2-7

The fleshy nightmare is a large sphereoid shape of doughy flesh with a human-sized arm protruding from it, with a hammer-like shape in place of it's hand. They can make four hammer attacks per round. They can attempt to smother a victim by pressing into them, doing 1d6 Constitution damage unless the victim is successful at a Saving Throw vs. Turn to Stone. They can only be hit with magic weapons or spells.

Constitution damage will return at a rate of 1 point per turn of rest or negligible exertion. At the referee's discretion, 0 Constitution means death, coma, or other life-threatening state.

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