16 October 2018


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Init always 0
Melee Atk
 • tussle +0 (1d3-1)
 • by weapon -3 (-2d)
Ranged Atk • by weapon -4 (-3d)
AC 8
HD 1d4
MV 20
Act 1d20
SP othersenses, Luck confusion, float
Fort +0
Ref +0
Will +0

Some say they were the first sketch draft of humans. Some say the Gods got drunk and were just fooling around with the building blocks of life...

The Nearly People exist in the dim corners of the world eking out a pitiable life of grubbing for food and shelter, and surviving just long enough in most cases to procreate.

They stand about two feet tall and at a distance can pass as human toddlers. They have senses that no other humanoid possesses or has only in a comparatively diminished degree, such as thermoception, chronoception, familiarity perception, and magnetoception and others. The exact distribution of other senses varies from individual to individual.

These senses are at the disposal of the Judge to employ as she sees fit, such as having a Nearly person alert a party to the "smell" of an ambush the next morning, or the "sound" of a trap on the other side of a door. Get as weird as you like with this... Give the players info they could have no other way to obtain, but couch it in weird sensory terms.

Some Nearly People can speak the common tongue. They tend to be capricious and often spiteful, but can be useful guides when facing a threat or obstacle of an otherworldly or psychotronic nature, given their extraordinary senses.

Half of all Nearly People can float or nearly almost fly. They can move 1d4 feet per round in any direction in the air, minus 5 feet of downward movement, if given a boost of some sort to get them going. For all Nearly People, when falling they fall at 5 feet per round, taking no damage when impacting the ground or other surface.

They tend to drain the Luck from Halflings, but can restore or even boost Luck, as well. For every 6 hours of proximity roll 1d6:

 1) All Halflings in the party lose 1d6+1 Luck, as if Burned with no benefit.
 2) All Halflings in the party lose 1d4+1 Luck, as if Burned with no benefit.
 3) All Halflings in the party lose 2 Luck, as if Burned with no benefit.
 4) All Halflings in the party gain 1 Temporary Luck
 5) All Halflings in the party gain 1d5 Luck
 6) All Halflings in the party gain 1d3 Luck; this is a permanent raise (Max. 18) if they are currently at their full normal Luck.

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