16 July 2019


Init +5
Melee Atk
 • claw +6 (1d7)
 • bite +5 (1d8 + poison)
AC 17
HD 4d10
MV 50
Act 1d20 + 1d16
SP Stripes-only, Chaos poison, vortex slip, leap 30'
Fort +4
Ref +7
Will +3

Most often traveling in pairs, a Pant-Cat stalks the wilder lands of Faerie. Like a Cheshire Cat, they can turn nearly invisible — in the case of the Pant-Cat, nothing but their red stripes remain, which can 'lay' across whatever terrain they are in at the time, and "slide" over that terrain when they move. They emit no scent and make no sound when in this form.

The Pant-Cat's Chaotic poison causes paralysis when a DC 12 Fort Save is failed. The recovery from this is accompanied 15% of the time by Corruption (roll randomly for severity and type), and 5% of the time by visiting a random alternate plane of reality for 1d3 rounds.

For each Pant-Cat in a pack, the DC is raised by 2, and the percentage chances are increased by 5%. Thus, when confronted with a pair of Pant-Cats, the poison Save DC is 14, the Corruption is increased to 20% and the Dimensional Slip is raised to 10%; when there are 5 Pant-Cats together, the Save DC is 20, the Corruption to 35% and the Dimensional Slip to 25%.

Recovery from the paralysis takes a number of rounds equal to 20 minus the character's Stamina score.

Though native to Faerie, they can be found in other planes of existence and on other worlds, slipping through the time-space vortex by their nature, though rarely.

Garments made from the pelt of a Pant-Cat have 1d3 of the following properties:

Roll 1d8

1. Once fashioned, the garment will not rip, tear, wear thin, fade, nor fray.

2. The garment will attract the attention of Faerie beings and creatures and increase their caution or their respect by 50%.

3. The garment will distract foes, granting a +2 to AC on the first round of a fight.

4. The wearer can choose to exude the Pant-Cat poison from the surface of the garment at will, once per 1d6 days.

5. The coarse fur of the garment becomes more pronounced, granting an abrasion attack as a Dwarf's Shield Bash attack.

6.The garment protects the wearer from fire damage by 1d3 points per round.

7. Once per year, the wearer can cast Feather Fall with a spellcheck of 1d24 + their current Luck attribute.

8. The wearer may develop an affinity with one or more extra-planar realms, either gaining ease of access to those realms, or taking on one or more attributes of those realms over time. This property does not manifest itself until after months or years of wear and is at the discretion of the Judge as to it's nature and degree.

Pure Appendix N


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