03 September 2019


Init +2
Melee Atk
 • razor bones +7 (1d6+2+1)
AC 11 +1
HD 10d6 +25
MV 40
Act 1d20
SP inert matter, auto-reciprocal attack, spells, perfect silence
Fort +9
Ref +2
Will +1

RIVAL PARTY: The rival party is a group you can throw up against your PC party, to add an additional layer to a dungeon exploration, or to introduce a recurring group working in competition to your PCs for jobs, treasure, Patronage, etc. They are all "heavily marked" by their past experiences.

Driven by an insatiable hunger, Eethoka remains human in only the most minimal ways. A large snake-like creature formed primarily of a fine, gritty material, he remains as deadly a warrior as he was before his transformation.

His sinuous body lashes back at those who harm him directly in melee and moves in perfect silence, leaving a faint trail of gray dust.

Since he is composed of inert matter, he is immune to poisons, toxins and the like. He is perceived by magic and other extra-sensory means as an object, rather than a life form.

He can invoke the following magical effects by giving up his Action Die:

Force Manipulation (pg 143) at 1d10+18 once per hour, failing on a die result of "1".

Read Magic (pg 152) at 1d10+11 once per 8 hours, failing on a die result of "1".

Strength (pg 198) at 1d14+14 once per day, failing on a die result of "1".

Find Familiar (pg 141) at 1d8+11 once per month, failing on a die result of "1". At the Judge's whim, the Rival Warrior may have one or more Familiars currently surrounding him (stats above reflect this). Some potential stats are given below.

The Rival Warrior's Familiars:

Miniature Knight, 14-inches tall, Guardian Familiar (+1 AC), 9 hp, AC 17, mini-sword +8 (1d6, crit 1d12 III), Saves +1

Giant Bee, 29-inches long, Guardian Familiar (melee damage +1), 10 hp,  AC 14, sting +8 (1d6+1, crit 1d12 III), Saves +1

Hawk, Focal Familiar (excellent vision), 6 hp,  AC 14, talons +1 (1d3), Warrior can see through Hawk's eyes, Warrior can center spells on Hawk's position and cast with a +1,

Note: The Knight can ride the Bee!

The Rival Party was created by using Monster Extractor V from Inner Ham: Monster Extractor V for DCC RPG on DriveThruRPG

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