19 October 2016


Init +6
Melee Atk
 • Claw +7 (1d6 +1d6 special)
AC 17
HD 6d6 (36 hp)
MV 40
Act 1d20 +1d16
SP un-dead, horrific, alignment defense, max hp
Fort n/a
Ref +6
Will n/a

The wizard Iravian the Deceiver, as she was then known, discovered the Great Secret half a millennium ago. She was found unworthy of the Secret and the supernatural energies instead turned her into the Protector of the Great Secret, a zombie-like warrior of animal intelligence, steered by the mystic power of the Great Secret itself.

Her claw attack does 2d6 damage, while one of these dice indicates the number of lost hit points that Iravain regains, patching damage to herself by harming others.

Her appearance is swollen and bloated by decay in a disturbing and bone-chilling way. Once she has turned her distorted face to an opponent within 20 feet of her, that opponent must make a Will Save vs. DC 17 or be unable to strike her for the rest of the encounter, due to their revulsion.

Beings of the same alignment as Iravian can do her no harm. If they try, their efforts simply have no discernible effect, pass through her, or are otherwise supernaturally negated.

She can give up an Action Die and discard a wound she has suffered, as if peeling away a garment and dropping it to the ground. The Judge should simply write down each roll of damage done to her, rather than a total, and cross out wounds she discards.

Iravian has maximum hit points for her hit dice. Even so, her animal-level intelligence means she will not easily fight to her own destruction, taking note of escape routes and opportunities, and employing them as needed when called to retreat.

Iravian is activated by the Great Secret when Dzugana attempts to share what he knows with anyone, pursuing those individuals until she destroys them or they destroy her.

Created using Monster Extractor II: The Un-Dead, available on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

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