01 August 2019


Init -1
Ranged Atk
 • spiked tongue +8 (1d10+2, 60')
AC 8
HD 2d6
MV 75
Act 2d20
SP shrinkability, multi-headed
Fort +2
Ref +4
Will +5

RIVAL PARTY: The rival party is a group you can throw up against your PC party, to add an additional layer to a dungeon exploration, or to introduce a recurring group working in competition to your PCs for jobs, treasure, Patronage, etc. They are all "heavily marked" by their past experiences.

A mobile, 5-foot column of crackling energy with her face constantly emerging from it and sinking back in to it is what Mirandi the Rival Halfling has become.... The tumult and confusion experienced by the Rival Halfling "inside" the column causes a constant cascade of emotions for her, meaning that as each iteration of her face appears it bears a different expression or emotion, from near-catatonia to hatred to agony.

The Rival Halfling can shrink down to 1-inch tall, holding this size for up to three Turns. At full size, the Halfling gives off light in a 50' radius like half-daylight; at her smallest, exactly like that of a candle.  For each halving of her size, add 2 to her AC, but cut the range of attacks by half as well, and drop the damage die down the Dice Chain.

By constantly exhibiting multiple faces the Halfling is very difficult to surprise or sneak past. From 2-4 faces are always visible and functional, so she can make her attacks in two very different directions, for example. She can act as the "spotter" for the Rival Party, keeping an eye on multiple opponents, reporting back to the the Party and spoiling surprises (as the Judge sees fit).

As a being of (predominantly) energy, the Halfling cannot be picked up or shoved around. She can't climb walls or other surfaces any better than any other Halfling could, remaining susceptible to falling damage. She must always move across a surface at least as wide as she is, but can move onto objects of suitable size, which could then be carried or moved through the air, such as shrinking then sliding onto a dagger's blade to be transported across a chasm by a flying ally.

She is driven by greed above all things, and will focus on the acquisition of wealth in order to find the means to return to a fully physical form.

The Rival Party was created by using Monster Extractor V from Inner Ham: Monster Extractor V for DCC RPG on DriveThruRPG

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