07 August 2018


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Init +1.5/per head
Melee Atk
 • bite +#HD (1d6)
Ranged Atk
 • ice breath +5 (1d7+1, 20/40/60)
AC 14
HD (# of heads)d12+(#)
MV 120
Act (#HD/3)d20+(#HD/2)d16
SP deadly blood
Fort +5
Ref +9
Will +2

This multi-headed creature is found guarding 'mythic' sites, such as the entrance to the Underworld or the City of Immortality or the Heaven of the Unborn.

It will have anywhere from 4 to 9 heads, each of which may resemble a different earthly or unearthly animal, such as a snake, boar, goat, bandersnatch, unicorn, jubjub bird, or vole.

It's blood is so virulent that once exposed to air, it can kill those nearby. Anyone within 10' x the number of HD the Hydra has suffered in damage* must make a Fort Save vs. DC 10+#HD or suffer 1d7+1 Ability damage, randomly split between two random Abilities. The effect remains and a new check must be made for each round of exposure. The DC increases by 1 for every extra 10' of range. If damage is caused by means that logically would not spill the blood, then do not count it toward this total. If you put bludgeoning-type weapons in this category, a subsequent (or previous) strike that would spill blood means the bludgeon effect still counts — internal bleeding becomes external, thereby. Judge this approximately; don't worry about the math if it's giving you a headache.

The Hydra can use it's icy breath to freeze objects in place, or target a warrior's hand so it become "useless" in the fight (until healed or otherwise counteracted). Consider the hand as employing an Action Die one step down the Dice Chain. If they Hydra freezes someone's feet into place, they may only move at half speed once freed, until healed or significant time passes.

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* For ease of arriving at this number, before anyone attacks the Hydra write down the result of the total hp divided by the number of heads.

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