21 August 2018


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Init +5 (under water)
Init +0 (at water's surface)
Melee Atk
 • tail slap +3 (1d7)
AC 13
HD 3d6+9
MV 20 on surface, swim 150
Act 1d20
SP lay on hands
Fort +3
Ref +4
Will +3

Mermaids are created when a human woman kills her lover. They can be malevolent or beneficent, either attempting to atone for their act or regretting nothing but their new life.

They often appear after severe storms, floods, extreme tidal events, or other aquatic disturbances, as well as being drawn to shipwrecks and drownings.

A mermaid has a Lay on hands ability like that of a Cleric, using their HD in place of their Level. They do not suffer disapproval, but if they fail the check, they cannot heal those wounds, though they will be able to attempt to heal future wounds of the same individual.

Mermaids will share tales of their oceanic environment, truthfully if they are beneficent and falsely if they be malevolent.

wikipedia — Mermaid

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