01 August 2018


Init +1
Melee Atk
 • club +6 (1d6+2)
AC 18
HD 3d6
MV 30
Act 1d20
SP Double damage from acid/corrosives
Fort +1
Ref +4
Will --

These multi-limbed constructs are conditioned to obey Selvoth Azavato. He uses them to do any and all labor that might be involved in his mission, as well as to defend him if when the need arises.

With their many limbs, they can perform multiple tasks at one time (but still just have the the one Action Die; so the more things they are doing the slower they are doing them). They have a high Strength, which should be rolled for each of them on the usual 3d6, but with a 4-point bonus.

They have a tendency to confuse or forget details of their instructions, frustrating Azavato and his plans.

A Heyu's club can be energized to cause stun damage only, which is recovered at a rate of 1 hp per Turn. In this case, 0 hp would mean unconsciousness, not potential death. A Roll The Body check could be used to see if the character wakes up early and has a chance to "play possum" if they wished.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

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