03 August 2018


Init -5
Melee Atk
 • brawling +2 (1d4+1)
Ranged Atk
 • lightfire gun +5 (1d8, 50')
AC 13
HD 8d6
MV 20, teleport 40
Act 2d20
SP Vulnerable to germs
Fort +4
Ref +9
Will +4

Conditioned to serve Selvoth Azavato, the Servitor has not been given nor allowed a name, it and it's kind existing within the hierarchy of the Magenta Dimension only to serve. This is not to say that the Servitor might not hope to escape this situation someday...

The Transport Servitor can teleport freely, but using an Action Die. The roll of the Die adds that many feet to the maximum distance moved with the action. If both Action Dice are used, they are both rolled and may be added to the base move distance. Alternately, the Servitor can 'translate' itself, Azavato and anyone or anything else that Azavoth designates back to the Magenta Dimension. It's been bred/engineered to have many limbs, since to move anyone or any thing with it, it must have a hold on them.

Azavato will usually keep the Servitor within arm's reach, so that if he needs to get away from a danger the Servitor can make that happen quickly and easily. Using it's teleport powers does require a large diet to replenish the energy used.

This creature was created using Monster Extractor IV: Aliens & Manufactured Beings, available from RPGNow.

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